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Quartering jig

Platte zum Auswinkeln von Dampflokmodell-Rädern

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A device is required to set the crankpins on a model steam locomotive at an exact angle. The one I used consists of two plates, each with a central hole for a guide pin, which is received by the axle hole of the wheel and centers the wheel in the guide. Then there are two more holes that accommodate the drive or coupling pin and thus determine the angular position. The crankpins must therefore be mounted on the wheel before the wheels are pressed on. This is what a plate looks like:

Four stretchers position the two plates in relation to one another. The upper plate is placed in such a way that the right crank runs 90 ° ahead of the left when driving forward.

The axis in the device. In this model, the axle bearing bushes are closed and must be pushed onto the axle before being pressed on.

Pressing on the wheels in the screw press. The first step is to press in the angle device until the axis touches the centering pin. Then you take the axle out of the device and press the last piece on a surface. The correct distance is achieved when the axle touches down on the base, i.e. is flush with the wheel hub.