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Consumer and payment information

Name, legal form and address of the provider:

teknow GmbH

Nestorstraße 36a
10709 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 6293149 – 0

Countries of delivery

Teknow delivers to the following countries: Germany

Payment information

Teknow accepts the following payment methods:

Credit card billing is carried out by

PAYONE GmbH · Lyoner Straße 9 · 60528 Frankfurt / Main, Germany, HRB 116860, Managing Directors: Niklaus Santschi, Frank Hartmann, Björn Hoffmeyer, Roland Schaar, Carl Frederic Zitscher, Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Ottmar Bloching.

The transaction currency is the euro. The card is charged when the order is placed; “teknow GmbH” appears as a “descriptor” on the credit card statement.