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The production platform for your DIY engineering project

teknow is a production environment for do-it-yourself users. From the idea to the finished product: With teknow you design and manufacture workpieces for your projects.

Digitize your ideas with our browser-based CAD program!

Step 1 Design

For your project or your workpiece, you first need a drawing. You can create it in our drawing editor or upload a ready-made drawing file (dxf or dwg format). You don’t have to install anything. Check out our videos before you get started with the editor! You can find more information about this under Help.

Step 2

Select the material and manufacturing process for your project.

Step 2 Production

Various manufacturing methods are available to you at teknow. Once you have decided on the right process, you can determine the type and thickness of the material. To ensure that everything goes smoothly in production, teknow has programmed an wizard, because there are some production rules that must be observed. teknow shows you what your workpiece costs. You can optimize: change the drawing, change the material or the production method.

Step 3

We produce and deliver – you assemble

Step 3 Assembly and Documentation

Your design is ready, material and manufacturing method have been selected? We produce your order and deliver it so that you can assemble your parts. Document your project with pictures and descriptions: teknow provides you with a blog for the construction report. You can also put other documents on the project.

Step 4

Share your project!

Step 4 Share

In the teknow community you can share your designs with other DIY-engineers. Take a look at what workpieces are already available. You may not need to design anything yourself, but can copy and order an existing workpiece directly. If another user orders your design, you will receive a bonus for your next order.

Example Projects

How to:

In this video, the production process is explained in detail step-by-step.

Production process

The right production methods for your workpieces.


  • Plasma Cutting

    With plasma fusion cutting, the workpiece is cut out with an electric arc. The arc is created by blowing a gas through a nozzle onto the workpiece. An electrode is located inside the nozzle and an arc is struck between this electrode and the electrically conductive workpiece. The arc ionizes the gas jet to form...

  • Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting is a metalworking process. It is available for sheets from 0.5 mm to 12 mm (aluminum) or up to 25 mm (steel) thickness. The size of the sheet metal is up to 1.5 x 3 m. The workpieces are cut from the sheet by a focused laser beam. In addition, a process gas...


  • Flame cutting

    Flame cutting is a cutting process for sheet metal. It is offered for sheet steel between 40 and 100 mm thick. The format of the sheet metal is up to 2500x6000mm to 80mm thickness and 2500×5000 to 100mm thickness. The workpieces are cut from the sheet by heating the surface of the steel sheet with...

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