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Werkstoff Aluminium

Aluminum is a light material, the density is 2.66 g / cm³, which is about a third of the density of steel. Because of its low strength, pure aluminum is not widely used technically. Aluminum alloys achieve significantly higher strength values.

Metallic aluminum forms a thin pass-through layer of aluminum oxide on the surface, which prevents further corrosion. Aluminum has a high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Aluminum types

AlMg3 is our standard quality for aluminum. The main alloying element is magnesium, which increases the strength significantly even with a small addition. Another designation for the material is EN AW-5754, the material number is 3.3535
Use: It is a standard alloy for medium loads. The material is corrosion-resistant, especially very good against weather and sea water. It can be used in contact with food.
Processing: The material can be easily edged and welded.
Attention: The material is neither suitable for hard nor for soft soldering.