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Quick overview: from the paper sketch to the finished part

Almost everyone has tinkered something and made a sketch on a piece of paper beforehand in order to be clear about the details and dimensions. Here at teknow you create your drawing in a web-based 2-D drawing program (CAD program). It makes some difficulties for the beginner to deal with such a program right away. This video explains how to get from your hand drawing to an electronic drawing. The information from the sketch is transferred step by step into the drawing program, and tips are given on how best to proceed.

From the paper sketch to the finished part . See also in the help: “First steps”

In the following video tutorial we explain step by step how to draw and order a workpiece.

1. Create a new workpiece

The video shows you how to create a new workpiece and enter the manufacturing method and material.

2. Draw areas and work with coordinates

The video shows you the easiest way to start your drawing. Surface elements such as rectangles and circles are used.
So that an exact technical drawing is created, it explains how you work with coordinates.

Draw a simple, technically exact surface

3. Holes and fillets

The simple basic figure with which we started is supplemented or changed by a series of operations. The video shows where to find the commands for drawing and modifying and how to use them.

4. Change and trim the outer contour

When building a drawing, it is often practical to build it up from simple basic figures, temporarily accepting superfluous lines and then trimming them. The video shows you how to work with the trim functions. Trimming contours is an important concept in CAD software.

5. Complete the outer contour and snap points

In order to connect new lines exactly to the existing drawing, you define certain points on your contour as the starting point of the new line. The function required for this is called “snap points”. Snap functions are an important concept of CAD software. They are essential for drawing accurately. The video shows you how to work with the snap functions. In addition, relative coordinates are introduced.

Snap points and expand the contour See also “This is how the drawing program works”

6. teknow Wizard

With the wizard you can check whether all design rules have been adhered to in your drawing. The wizard gives tips on how you can improve your drawing. It can even fix a number of errors automatically. The video explains how you work with the wizard.

The handling of warnings and errors

7. The ordering process

So that your workpiece is actually manufactured, you have to initiate an order. To do this, select “Add to shopping cart” on the finished workpiece. You can then save your data in the shopping cart and check the price before you submit your order.

The ordering process is described in detail here.

8. Find and create templates

teknow offers the possibility to publish your own drawings so that they are available to all users for replication or as suggestions. The video shows you how you can find a suitable template for a new workpiece from the existing drawings. The video also shows how to publish a workpiece.

Find rtemplates, publish your own drawings