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Order your sheet metal cuts online!
Custom-made sheet metal cuts – configure and design individually

Do you need an exact sheet metal cut for your project? Regardless of whether you are a private or business customer, for construction, gardening, house, hobby or craft – teknow is the right place for you

How do I create an individual sheet metal cut?

Teknow produces your sheet metal cut according to your template, which you can create yourself in our online CAD editor or simply upload! We also provide you with a wizard for the online CAD tool so that everything really works. This way you know immediately whether your sheet metal blank can be produced or whether you need to adjust something again. You can try out the editor on our CAD playground.

Order a custom-made sheet metal cut

You will usually already have an idea of what material you would like to use to make your sheet metal blank – at teknow we work with three different materials:


Select material and material thickness: Ms63 (CW508L / Cu Zn37 / 2.0321) Standard alloy for brass sheets. Well suited for cold forming….

Stainless Steel

Select material and material thickness: Standard – stainless steel V2A (X5CrNi18-10 / 1.4301) Wide range of uses: architecture, design, jewelry and art,…


Select material and material thickness: Standard quality: AlMg3 (EN AW-5754 / 3.3535) AlMg3 Standard alloy for medium loads. Very easy to edge…


Select material and material thickness: Standard – thin sheet metal DC01 (EN10139 / 1.0330) DC01 is a cold-rolled thin sheet in a…

At teknow we also offer various production methods that you can use to order your sheet metal cutting. The standard method for sheet metal cutting is particularly popular: laser cutting. In addition, you can also choose between plasma cutting and autogenous flame cutting to realize your project. After you have determined your desired material thickness, you can create your individual drawing or upload your dwg/dxf file. If you want to know more about our CAD editor, you can find it here a guide. There are also tutorial videos on our site.

How to:
This video explains the production process in detail step by step.

Our online wizard will help you get your drawing ready for production. Teknow then calculates the price for different quantities, including the weight of your sheet metal cut and the dimensions.

Now your sheet metal cut can be added to the shopping cart and will soon find its way to you and your project!