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Select material and material thickness:

Standard – thin sheet metal DC01 (EN10139 / 1.0330)

DC01 is a cold-rolled thin sheet in a thickness range of 0.5 – 3.0 mm. This material is used for general applications in place of S235JR (see entry below) for thicknesses up to 3mm. Surface: stained, greased.

Standard – structural steel S235JR (ST 37-2 / 1.0038)

SR235JR is a hot-rolled, unalloyed, inexpensive standard structural steel in the thickness range 4 – 25 mm for general applications. Surface: stained, greased.

Structural steel S235JR (ST 37-2 / 1.0038) with scaled surface

S235JR: Hot-rolled, unalloyed, low-cost standard structural steel with a decorative scaled surface for general applications. Rust protection is required outdoors. Note: Each sheet has an individual color structure and may have traces of transport and handling – there is therefore no guarantee for a specific appearance.

S355J2G3 (ST 52-3 / 1.0570)

AS355J2G3: (ST 52-3 / 1.0570) is an unalloyed, stronger standard structural steel for general applications. Sheet metal thicknesses from 3 to 25 mm are available.

CorTen A (S355J2WP / 1.8946) und CorTen B (S355J2W / 1.8965)

CorTen A and B are structural steels with very good resistance to corrosion. CorTen stands for “CORosion resistance” and “TENsile strength”. Weathering forms a durable barrier layer that protects against further corrosion. The characteristic rust-brown patina is created. The steel is used outdoors for sculptures, architecture and horticulture without additional rust protection.

CorTen A (S355J2WP / 1.8946), phosphorus alloyed, even more weatherproof than CorTen B, but harder to form.

CorTen B (S355J2W / 1.8965), not phosphorus alloyed, good formability, slightly lower corrosion resistance than CorTen A.