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Glass stand with four places marked by name. So you can use the glass again later because you know which one was your own.
Grill grate, the grid consists of a parquet of pentagons, a 12 tile pattern that was discovered in 2015.
Ashpan for a 1:16 scale locomotive model of the pr S10

Design: KaWiRoJa
Garden: grill grate 54 cm
Model making: ashpan

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2. Draw workpieces
3. Order
4. Delivery
5. Assembly

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Laser cutting
Steel up to 25 mm
Stainless steel up to 20 mm
Aluminum up to 12 mm
Example cut edge
Production example
steel 1-25 mm,
stainless steel 1-20 mm,
aluminum 1-12 mm,
engraving possible
Plasma cutting
Steel from 20 to 40 mm
Production example
Production example
Example cut edge
Materials: steel 20 - 40 mm
Flame cutting
Steel from 40 to 100 mm
Materials: steel 40 - 100 mm

Laser cutting
Plasma cutting
Flame cutting

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