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teknow Wizard: tools

Screenshot-Anleitung teknow-Assistent, Schritte 1-4

At the bottom of the wizard window, additional processing steps can be selected in addition to the manufacturing process (e.g. laser cutting), which are combined into modules. The choice depends on the manufacturing process.

The following are available for laser cutting:

“Featured holes” module: You get to the module page by selecting “Featured Holes” and then clicking “Open”.

Here you can insert tapped holes, countersinks and through holes matching the thread into your drawing. Select the type of hole in the first selection field (1). In the second field you can select the thread diameter (2). The corresponding thread, the countersink that matches the selected thread or the appropriate through hole is then created. After clicking on “Add” (4) you enter the coordinates in the command line as usual, or you can catch a point in the drawing.

If the thread diameter cannot be produced for your sheet metal thickness, the wizard will output an error. In this case you can change the sheet metal thickness or adjust the thread diameter. The third field (3) enables further correction options: “Cut” is preset, which means that the core hole is cut with the laser as standard. In the case of small holes in certain materials, the laser-cut core hole is unsuitable for thread cutting; the wizard shows an error. Here you can try to drill the core hole by selecting “Drill”. This is a bit more expensive because it is handcrafted. If the thread cannot be produced even then, there is a further option “Mark”: then a marking cross is created as laser inscription at the point of the hole. You can then make the thread yourself at the marked position, for example with threads below M3, which we do not offer.

In the case of the countersink, the wizard outputs an error if the countersink is deeper than the sheet metal thickness.

For laser cutting, further tool modules for bending and a multi-part mode (so that you no longer need a drawing for each part) are in preparation.