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This is how the drawing program (CAD) works

The central element of teknow is a web-based 2-D drawing program (CAD program). You use it to design your workpiece, and teknow creates a drawing file in the background. The drawing file is used directly in production to produce your workpiece. In addition, you can use the teknow wizard to check whether your design is ready for production. The wizard can automatically apply many manufacturing rules and calculate the price for a correct drawing.

The functional scope of the basic version is adapted to the production task – 2D processing of sheet metal and plates – and to users who do not have to be CAD experts.

This text describes some basic working techniques for the drawing program and the use of the teknow assistant. In the help, under the menu item “The CAD user interface“, it is described where you can find which functions. If you have not yet worked with a CAD program, you should first briefly familiarize yourself with the interface.

If you are working with CAD software for the first time, you will come across some concepts that are not used in other programs or on websites. The first impression may be overwhelming, and not everything will seem intuitive to you. As a rule, a little practice with a trial part quickly brings a breakthrough. A mouse with a scroll wheel is very helpful for operation.