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Wheel pattern from laser parts

Radgussformen für Lokomotivmodell, Übersicht der 5 Einzelteile

I made wheel pattern for a 1:16 scale locomotive model of the Prussian steam express train locomotive S10. The pattern for the spokes was realized as a laser part. The wheel tires and the webs of the crank axle are also laser parts.

The pictures show the production sequence:
1. Lasered wheel spider for the cast model. The lintel is made on the milling machine and the spokes are then filed into shape.
2. Assembled casting model, for molding in sand.
3. Cast blank, this is shaped by turning.
4. Lasered blank for the wheel tire. This is shrunk onto the wheel center. In the middle the lasered blanks for the webs of the crank axis.
5. Fully assembled wheel with profiled running surface.

This is what the fully assembled crank axle looks like, with pressed-in drive pins and a hard-soldered counter crank.