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Zoom & other functions

Use the mouse’s scroll wheel to enlarge or reduce the drawing. The zoom function has to be practiced a little as a beginner: the location of the mouse pointer is taken as the origin towards which the drawing contracts or expands. Therefore the result can be influenced by the position of the mouse pointer. You can move the drawing by zooming in, then moving the mouse position to the desired detail, and zooming in. Further functions for zooming can be found in the toolbar.

To mark several elements, you can draw a frame with the mouse. If you drag the frame from left to right, all elements that are completely within the frame will be marked. If you drag from right to left, all elements that are only partially in the frame will also be selected.

You can add dimensions to your drawing. You can find the functions at the top of the toolbar in the drop-down menu. The snap functions are used to position the dimension lines exactly. These dimensions are not required for production, they are based on the CAD file.

In addition to the drawing functions with which you create the geometry, there are a number of functions to change the geometry. You can also find these functions under Modify in the drop-down menu. Most often, functions for copying, moving, rotating or mirroring elements are required. Patterns, in particular, can be created quickly this way.

Save: teknow automatically saves your drawing form time to time. There is also a manual save button that should be used occasionally if the internet connection is not stable.