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How do I work with teknow?

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How to re-order a workpiece

You can view the drawing for a workpiece that is in the shopping cart or that has been ordered (15), but you can no longer change it. If you want…

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How to order the workpiece

After you have completed the drawing and closed the editor (6), you will return to the workpiece data page. The price for one, two, five, 10 and 50 parts is…

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Create a new workpiece

To create, draw and order a new workpiece, click on “Design” (1) under “my teknow”. The following view opens: The options for the next possible steps are each highlighted in…

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How to design the workpiece

For the drawing functions, see “How does the drawing program work?” a separate help. When you have finished drawing your design, you can use the teknow wizard to check whether…

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Edit personal data

To view and edit your personal data, click on “My data” (17) in the menu bar at the top right under “my teknow”. The following view opens: You can choose…