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Screenshot, Werkstück bearbeiten, Anleitung Schritte 4-6, CAD-Editor

Workpiece drawings

In order to produce the individual workpieces of your product, you mark the desired part geometry in your construction drawing (6). With the right mouse button you call up the…

Screenshot-Anleitung, Werkstück-Herstellung, Schritte 4-5

Construction drawings

Construction drawings After you have saved the project, you can create construction drawings (4). You can draw your design directly in the teknow CAD editor or import a file in…

Screenshot, Werkstück bearbeiten, Anleitung Schritte 1-3, Projekt anlegen

Create a project

The “project” helps you to organize the production of a more complex product. Products consist of several or many workpieces that are assembled into a unit at the end. You…

Screenshot-Übersicht, Baubericht

Construction report

You can create and publish a construction report for your project (15) so that the report and the drawings are available for other users to replicate or as a suggestion….

Screenshot-Anleitung, Vorbild suchen, Schritte A,B,C

Find a suitable project as template

To find a suitable template for a new project, click on the “Projects” menu item under “teknow Community”. You will then see an overview of the existing construction reports from…