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The material groups (such as steel, aluminum) usually include several materials. You choose the right material in the material overview. To make the selection easier, we have defined a standard material for each material group. It fits if you have no special requirements. If you do, because you might want to process the workpiece in your workshop or there is a special application environment, such as contact with seawater or with food, you choose a suitable material.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a particularly pure, alloyed or unalloyed steel. In the case of the high-alloy stainless steels offered by teknow, alloying…


Aluminum is a light material, the density is 2.66 g / cm³, which is about a third of the density of steel….


Steel is the most important metallic material. Steel consists mainly of iron, but the other components have a major influence on the…